When the grayling is not rising.......

Today the Glomma river had a waterlevel of 178.36; a rise of 21cm since last visit. The rise due to quick melting of ice and snow and the water temperature had also dropped to freezing 2 degrees C. No rises seen and only a few active stoneflies by the river. Had to try the nymph then and in spite of this very cold temperature; a few grayling hooked!
Imitation of the Plecoptera nymphs, here a version of the Capnia Pymeae, Knapek hook size 16, are very effective in the spring. This style of tying have a coating of rapid epoxy which a have a density of 1.6 - 2.0 in relation to water. Products like Bug Bond have a density of 1.1. So the epoxy not only gives the finishing touch to the nymph, it also aids the nymph in sinking!


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