Viser innlegg fra september, 2012

Saltwater fly fishing in mind - guess where I'm going!

Deep diving crab, intermediate crab and sili shad, made for next trip; guess where I'm going! Well, Los Roques here I come!

The season last salmon trip, river Orkla

There are so few grilse returning now so the future of salmon fishing in Orkla is very dark. The massive sea-lice belt around the farmed salmon plants in the migratory route by the islands of Hitra and Frøya, have and are still, killing the smolt. The latest trip to Orkla, I visited 3 very famous salmon beats and did not see a single fish. In the catch journals there, I read that salmon caught this season had carried up to 60 sea-lice per salmon! This is the indicator of how massive this problem is. Of course no problem for returning salmon as the sea-lice die in fresh water, but the pore smolts are doomed as they go to sea!