Viser innlegg fra mai, 2010

New salmon season soon to start!

Spun hair version of my successful Lizzy Salmon Spider tube fly

For me the month of May means PIKE!

My Advanced Elements Strait Edge "sit on top" fishing kayak; superb craft for fishing the pike lakes. With adjustable anchor point and stable enough so I can sit cross direction of craft when casting. Next picture is Angle Pike Streamer tied on needle tube; this makes it possible to position the hook far back on long winged streamers. Last picture; one of the nice pikes that hit my flies this day! 

The month of May; Pike of course!

New season of pike fishing with poppers and big streamers. I made a new concept pike flies connected to my "Angle flies" philosophy; this to prevent the long wing tangle into the hook bend. Also the first fly tying with probably the best vise there is; the 720 angle vise!