Viser innlegg fra september, 2011

This season best dry fly fishing; river Rena!

Today's best, magnificent k-factor grayling 53cm, on dry............ Waterlevel at Øra; 247.13m , Stai; 254.96m and Elverum; 178,7m Very good conditions, 10degrees in water, 18 degrees in air. A few tan caddis and small black stoneflies making action Today's killer fly

Almost normal waterlevel now 27.09.2011!

Water level at Øra (Rena) 247.13m, at Stai (Glomma) 254.96m and both rivers fishable! A few rises as small black stoneflies were active from mid day. 8 degrees in water, sunny and 15 degrees in the air. Both imitations of the black stonefly and The Grayling Witch worked fine!

At last; some grayling fishing!

Reported water level at Øra (river Rena), today 247,27. This is 1,01m higher than normal, I wish for 0,5m lower ! Still, it was possible to fish with nymphs. A couple of good grayling landed. Saw some rises and size 14 tan caddis in action. Grayling landed on heavy nymph; The Killer Bug (Frank Sawyer). Both I and some German fishermen, fished up-stream nymph, "Wolfgang Fabisch style" and they also landed some very good grayling. I measured 11 degrees in water; warm and sunny day.