Viser innlegg fra mars, 2012

When the grayling is not rising.......

Today the Glomma river had a waterlevel of 178.36; a rise of 21cm since last visit. The rise due to quick melting of ice and snow and the water temperature had also dropped to freezing 2 degrees C. No rises seen and only a few active stoneflies by the river. Had to try the nymph then and in spite of this very cold temperature; a few grayling hooked! Imitation of the Plecoptera nymphs, here a version of the Capnia Pymeae, Knapek hook size 16, are very effective in the spring. This style of tying have a coating of rapid epoxy which a have a density of 1.6 - 2.0 in relation to water. Products like Bug Bond have a density of 1.1. So the epoxy not only gives the finishing touch to the nymph, it also aids the nymph in sinking!

The best flies just now

My best pattern for imitating the stonefly Capnia pymeae. Small sizes, hook 15 - 17. This fly allways land upright. While waiting on grayling rising; I use this very effective nymph. Casting this quickly sinking shrimp slightly upstream and across, and then mending as the line floats downstream.

Very good weather for grayling

Larger stoneflies (hook size 8 -10) in action today. On tuesday small black Capnia pygmea (hook size 16), made the grayling rise quite frequently. Today many stoneflies about, but few rises of grayling. Still managed to hook a few.... Water temp. 4 degrees and air 14. Water level 178.15

A new season; a perfect day by river Glomma!

3.8 degrees Celsius in water, 10-11 in air. A few stoneflies about and the grayling rising! What a great day to start the new season. Several nice grayling landed on dry fly! Water level at Elverum 178.15m