Pikefishing 3-4. July 2016

 Very good catch for my boys, spin-fishing  Big perch on big popper! One of MANY pike on weed-guarded Gurgler, hook size 4/0 I've fished this lake for over 40years, these two days were probably the best ever!

River Røssoga, week 30-31 2015

    85cm pure silver!             The flyfishermen: Gino Cozijns, Steven Dierickx, Ronald Leyzen, Patrick Daniëls and Geir Kjensmo    84cm pure silver!

River Gaula, Mid-summer 2015

 Camp Gaula 2015  The beat is called Tranmæl Uddo. Conditions, in short: to cold. They said: the coldest start of summer in 90 years! Air temperature, average 10 degrees, water temperature 8-9 degrees. My grilse caught when waterflow at Gaulfossen was 220 kbm/s and water temperature 9 degrees (C)  Keeping track of water level  The X-Ray Shadow  Called sun heated shower, but with hardly any sun....  The trusted Trangia field kitchen For cold conditions, a copper cone sliding the tippet of leader, in lined with plastic tube