Viser innlegg fra oktober, 2010

The season is ending.......river Rena

If the weather and waterflow had been better this autumn, I'm sure this river had proven it self to be the best grayling river in Scandinavia! Today, in cold temperature, I fished with nymph and strike indicator. The famed Frank Sawyer "the Killer Bug" proved to be the right nymph, combined with my foam disc stike indicator. Three decent grayling, the biggest of them........... 51cm! Waterlevel at Øra 246.94, air temperature +3/water temperature +4.8 degrees C

Incredible river Rena!

The Balance fly in stonefly version, counted for 3 grayling bigger than 47cm for me and one for my friend today. We experienced excellent fishing with no wind, 8 degrees in air/7 in water and houndred of stonflies hatching! These conditions only for 1h 30min. as it's late autumn and the northerly wind caught up at 2.15 p.m. My old NZ fishing partner, Bjørn showing a nice 49cm in lower picture! (Waterlevel at Øra 246,81)

Cold autumn!

Balance Flies (previous named Angle Flies), always floating perfect on surface. My best fly series this season. This one is size 18 stone fly imitation with green abdomen, very attractive to grayling! (Stai/Messeltfoss 254,97 - Øra(Søndre Rena) 247,21 - Elverum 178.78 - 4,9 degrees watertemp./ 7-8 degrees airtemp.)