Viser innlegg fra august, 2014

Perfect salmon week!

 The spectacular Camping Fly Zone, requires long casts  Among many grilse, also a super salmon  Bjørn with one of the many grilse  Another freshly run silver salmon, 20 sea-lice  Playing big salmon from the upper part of the beat  Most of the days, the Camping Fly Zone with few if any fishing  The pool below the bridge. Very good sea-trout pool and affected by the tide. We didn't fish this pool as fishing was so good at the upper pool  Picture taken from where we got into the river at the foremost upper part of the beat  Catch and release of course  To reach Breigrunn our beat, we needed to cross river by boat Far downstream you spot the Camping Fly Zone  The best salmon of week, 20lbs  The lower part of the upper beat, only fished this once and got a salmon  The hottest spot for take; just halfway down the curve, in the shade of some tall trees   The "gapahuk" at the Camping Fly Zone. From here and downstream, very