mandag 18. august 2014

Perfect salmon week!

 The spectacular Camping Fly Zone, requires long casts
 Among many grilse, also a super salmon
 Bjørn with one of the many grilse
 Another freshly run silver salmon, 20 sea-lice
 Playing big salmon from the upper part of the beat
 Most of the days, the Camping Fly Zone with few if any fishing
 The pool below the bridge. Very good sea-trout pool and affected by the tide. We didn't fish this pool as fishing was so good at the upper pool
 Picture taken from where we got into the river at the foremost upper part of the beat
 Catch and release of course
 To reach Breigrunn our beat, we needed to cross river by boat
Far downstream you spot the Camping Fly Zone
 The best salmon of week, 20lbs
 The lower part of the upper beat, only fished this once and got a salmon
 The hottest spot for take; just halfway down the curve, in the shade of some tall trees 
 The "gapahuk" at the Camping Fly Zone. From here and downstream, very good pool for skilled casters
 The small cabins with names like Holland and Belgia!
 Simple cabins with four bunk-beds
 The larger cabins with 5 beds; four bunk beds in one room and one double bed in another room.
Fully equipped kitchen and living room with TV and radio.
Bathroom with WC and shower. 
The "camp" at Breigunn, looking to the community center of Korgen.
I landed 12 grilse between 1,5kg and 2,8kg, one 5,7kg, one 7,5kg/90cm, and the best 10,0kg/99cm!
My top tools for the week: Mastery Parabolic 13', Danielsson 3W, Rio AFS Outbound 8/9F, Rio 15' mono leader, Rio Powerflex 1X tippet and the X-Rays
15 salmon on one fly, X-Ray Shadow 1"

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