torsdag 30. mai 2013

Super Parabolic Salmon fly rod

The new super parabolic salmon-rod, finished for the 2013 season.
13' Spey class rated 8
If you find a more pleasant and effective salmon fly rod; buy it!
The action is parabolic and the rod loads well down to the middle of handle. It's a slow action, but when the rod releases the power, it feels like a catapult sending the line elegantly out to the salmon lies!

My own

One of my favorite fishing places where I started fishing 40 years ago; trout, pike and perch.

onsdag 8. mai 2013

Pike Popper Fly Mania!!!

 Just a perfect day fly fishing!
Water level at Elverum 178,80. Air temperature 20 degrees C.
 Small poppers trick even big mamas! This one 6 kg/96cm
Not that easy to transport, but......

A new season!

At last summer temperature and spring fishing!