fredag 17. august 2012

Some pics from summer season

 16th.of August; at last, very good conditions in river Rena. New personal best, grayling 58cm!
 River Grimsa, hard to find any fish, but a very nice river.
 Views from high country rivers
Views from high country rivers 
 Trout fishing at altitude over 1000m
 Trout fishing at altitude over 1000m
 One of the more spectacular Orkla beats
 The Syrstad beat in river Orkla
 A really Orkla "killer"
 The Sugustad beat
 Too much water, too heavy current, too cold water....
 My sons spinning at Sugustad
 My sons pike fishing
 Erik with a all selfcaught pike
 Friends at Mid-summer celebrations, Lindstad, river rena

 Packing it in; no salmon seen
 Water level indicator, river Orkla
 1,5m above normal water level, pea-spoup water!
 The develish fly-fishing vehicle; I'm the worlds fastest fly fisher...
 Undseth-åa, VERY nice small river

 Arrived safely at the Rebergsgjerdet beat, river Orkla
My favourite fly fishing craft