tirsdag 1. oktober 2013

Still grayling fishing

Temp. water/air: 11/5 degrees C
Waterlevel at Øra: 246,70

onsdag 25. september 2013


Water temp.:11 degrees C, Air : 5 degrees C
Waterlevel at Øra: 246,62m

søndag 15. september 2013

River Rena

 "Never-sink" flies for the switch rod.

One cdc-feather, one quality hackle and some antron fibers; what I need for my latest mayfly evolution.
This fly always lands upright. This is an ignita imitation on hook size 16.

tirsdag 10. september 2013

Autumn - GRAYLING!

Spectacular weather - spectacular fishing!
22 degrees air temp.!
Water level at Øra: 246,85m

onsdag 12. juni 2013

The World's Fastest Fly Fisher

My ride ready for salmon fishing in river Gaula

torsdag 30. mai 2013

Super Parabolic Salmon fly rod

The new super parabolic salmon-rod, finished for the 2013 season.
13' Spey class rated 8
If you find a more pleasant and effective salmon fly rod; buy it!
The action is parabolic and the rod loads well down to the middle of handle. It's a slow action, but when the rod releases the power, it feels like a catapult sending the line elegantly out to the salmon lies!

My own

One of my favorite fishing places where I started fishing 40 years ago; trout, pike and perch.

onsdag 8. mai 2013

Pike Popper Fly Mania!!!

 Just a perfect day fly fishing!
Water level at Elverum 178,80. Air temperature 20 degrees C.
 Small poppers trick even big mamas! This one 6 kg/96cm
Not that easy to transport, but......

A new season!

At last summer temperature and spring fishing!

fredag 19. april 2013

Poor spring fishing in river Glomma

 The air temperature at 8 degrees, but due to ice-melting the temperature in water at freezing 1,4 degrees!
Hard condition for a fly fisherman and insect life!
This is extreme fishing as when wading I had to look over my shoulder all the time for big drifting ice-flakes. The size of these would easily knock me over if I was hit.

fredag 4. januar 2013